We have gotten a ton of requests for a Battlefield 1 key Giveaway. To keep our fans pleased and get some early feedback - which is always welcome - we arranged for a Battlefield 1 in October of 2016. We trust our fans will only sign up for the amount of keys they and their friends need. The required surveys are there to minimalize the costs of generating the keys and distributing them from this website.

We are giving away keys for all platforms so that we can receive the maximum amount of feedback from Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC players. If you have any problem activating your key on the Xbox One please consult the forums as there are some known bugs with this beta-version of The Battlefield 1.

Please consult the forums if you need any help installing Battlefield 1. Feedback can be posted on our Facebook-wall or on the forums when the Beta version is live. Thank you for taking the time to sign up, we hope you enjoy the beta.